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 2) Now for the Best Bit … Where Do You Want Your Money Sent? 

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 3) Income 

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*Whilst we endeavour to secure your refund ASAP, your application may face delays whilst we retrieve your correct documentation if you are not able to provide your official payment summaries.

 4) Work Related Expenses - Deductions and Offsets 

Please attach receipts if you have them. You'll be able to do it after submitting this form.

 5) Residency for Tax Purposes - Questions * 

If you are unable to answer 'YES' to each of the questions below, you may not be considered a resident for tax purposes. You must be deemed a resident for tax purposes in order to receive any tax refund from the Australian Tax Office.

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3. I understand that the ATO will make the final decision in regards to the outcome of my tax return including residency status and taxable income.
4. I confirm that all the information I have provided is true, correct and not fraudulent.

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