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Superannuation Application

Leaving Australia?

Unlock the Hidden Money in your Super Funds!


What do I need?

The name of the Super Company and your Membership Number for every job held

A photocopy of your passport ID

A copy of your Aussie Visa Grant email or your current visa grant number

When to complete this Application:

If you are leaving Australia or have left Australia.

* Price for this Service: AU $185 taken from your refund at the end of the process, prior to transferring the difference to your nominated bank account. No fee is payable up-front for superannuation!

 1) Tell Us About Yourself 

 2) Now for the Best Bit … Where Do You Want Your Money Sent? 

* Superannuation refund must be transferred to an international bank account.

 3) Super Fund Details 

Super Fund #1

Please provide employer's contact details (phone AND email) if you would like us to follow-up and check whether your super money has been paid / payments are up-to-date.

 4) Visa Grant Information 

*Please list your current VISA GRANT NUMBER you received from Immigration, letting you know your Aussie visa has been granted (You can also forward us a copy of your visa grant email).

Past Visa Details

 5) Sign the Attached Form 

Please, CLICK HERE to print and sign your application form to give us your permission to proceed.

You only need to sign where indicated. Leave the rest blank and we will fill it out for you.

 6) Comments 

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